Speeds & Feeds

Speeds & Feeds Charts

Below are the Speeds and Feeds Charts for Rock River Tool products.

Reaming Speeds and Feeds

Drilling Speeds and Feeds

Milling Speeds and Feeds

Counterboring Speeds and Feeds

Keyseat Cutter Speeds and Feeds

Feeds and speeds are starting recommendations only. Factors such as machine, fixture and tooling rigidity, horsepower available, coolant application and others will affect the performance significantly. Please read machine operators instructions and use all safety shields and glasses before performing these operations.

If you don’t see a speeds and feeds chart for the product you are working with please contact Rock River Tool at 800-345-8924 or send us a message through our Contact Us page and we will provide you with feeds and speeds. Please include as much information about the material you are machining as possible.

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